We have an AWESOME Supernatural GOD! | Part 2 |


In my last post, I mentioned my own outlook on this particular subject  – I believe… BELIEVE in miracles! I believe in a wonderful, caring and loving GOD who reaches down when we need HIM to and give us a helping hand. Sometimes it comes from somewhere or something we cannot explain and sometimes HE sends us someone to do the work for HIM. Sometimes HE sends us to do the work with someone else!

I also mentioned that the current series I am working on was given to me by GOD!

… still get odd looks when I say that.

But here’s the thing:

WITHOUT GOD, is there really any reason to read or write Christian fiction?

I mean… yes it’s clean but there are other books out there that are clean (and just between you and me – there are some out there that claim to be “Christian” fiction that aren’t that clean).

If God is not in it, what’s the point…

I write Christian (also known as Inspirational) fiction – not because I want to be rich or I want to write what’s popular. I write because I want to be an inspiration to others! I want to help lead people to the truth; to GOD! I want to do my best to be HIS light in this dark world!

If writing about inspirational speculative fiction is the way HE wants me to do that, I’m game… mostly because I love telling stories. 😉


Check back soon for part 3.
~ JC
© JCMorrows 2015

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