We have an AWESOME Supernatural GOD! | Part 1 |


I don’t know what your particular outlook on this particular subject is but I believe… BELIEVE in miracles! And I always wonder why it is so much easier for people to believe in aliens or ghosts or even demons… than it is to believe in GOD – but we won’t get into that now.

The current series I am working on was given to me by GOD!

Yes… I always get odd looks when I say that but honestly, it’s true of all my stories.

I am NOT enough! I DO NOT have the talent! I do not have the imagination or the passion… and certainly not the drive…


God blessed me with a fertile imagination. He gave me a desire to tell stories and I believe he has handed down most every one to me, a wonderful and bright shining gift straight from Heaven! I say most all because (especially in my younger years) I had some ideas that are clearly not GODly! They could not have come from GOD because they had nothing to do with GOD!

A lot of people may look at the cover of the first book in my current series (coming in JUNE) or the title and wonder what it has to do with GOD but if you read the New Testament, you’ll recall a story about a man who hunted down Disciples of Jesus and killed them… one might even call him an assassin if they were so inclined – and GOD used that man mightily!
When GOD slips into your heart, when you let him in, you will be forever changed! You will never be the same again and you can do mighty things for GOD!
I don’t know if what I am doing will ever be in the category of mighty or not but I believe that GOD has called me to share these stories with the world and so that is what I’m going to do!
And isn’t it funny how these things go…
Check back soon for part 2.
~ JC
© JCMorrows 2015

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