Oh my word!

He’s ME!

My son . . . the “Prophet” who complains about all us “Mercies” who cry at the drop of a hat . . . who makes snide comments about all the drama we get all upset over . . . who picks at his sister for being a drama princess – HE is a Drama MAKER!

This sweet, sometimes WAY TOO serious, dramatic little boy is ME! No, he doesn’t act dramatic . . . He makes it up! He really did inherit my story-telling! He has done it since I can remember and now I finally get what my mother has said so many times about how insanely far I can stretch a five minute dream . . . or a two minute scene.

He walks around the living room talking about his characters as if they are right next to him.

For years, people have asked so, what’s his diagnosis – to which I shrug, laugh and say “He’s a boy.”

But I finally get it now!

He does live in his own little world – and it is NOT because he has ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s or Autism – it’s because he has his mother’s CRAZY imagination . . . Also known as writer-itis!

Or to use his word – manha-kabashii. (main-uh-kuh-bash-ee)

See it . . . It’s RIGHT THERE! He’s got it all right!

Who did I ask when my fictional city needed a name…?

I asked Sam.

No, I’m not going to tell you what the name is – until I’m ready to reveal more info about my upcoming story anyway…

And THANK GOD for my little boy because his doofus mom was all the way on part 4 of the story before she realized the city . . . the main city, the royal city for crying out loud . . . didn’t have a name.

But I say (only slightly panicked) while desperately trying to get my word count for the day – “My city needs a name . . . anybody?” And he immediately throws about six names at me – three of which I’ve written down for later because while they didn’t fit the royal city, they did fit the theme of the world!


I have worried so much about him making up these bloody stories about war and death and destruction, but if I had taken time to stop and listen to even one of them, I would have realized he is making up the same type of stories I write.

Oppressed people… nasty bad guys… freedom fighters… fictional cities or worlds with long and illustrious histories… battles… good guys against bad guys…


He is going to make one GREAT novelist one day . . . when I get him to devote himself to writing it all down and not just talking about it to anyone who will listen . . . or even when no one is really listening to him at all.

Like me… he just has to get it out!


Slightly embarrassing revelation ahead… be forewarned!

I used to sit in the bathroom . . . and talk . . . out loud . . . to . . . NOBODY!

There were so many insane worlds, characters, stories, fantasies in my head, that I HAD TO GET THEM OUT! And when mom was sick of listening to me, and my brother was annoyed by me . . . I went into the bathroom and talked to no one – just to get the stories out.

I am beginning to see why my mother’s hair went gray so early…

I probably drove her NUTS!

Wait, probably . . . WHO am I kidding! I definitely drove her nuts!

And if they had been as quick to “label” kids as they are now (in my honest opinion), I would have been slapped with ADD, I’m sure! Probably not ADHD because I didn’t have the excess of energy that my son does but the ADD certainly because I only gave my attention to things that interested me, and that was . . . not very often . . . school.

I squeaked through with barely passing grades but every time I tested, I was off the charts. My ACT scores were in the top 1% and 5% of the country (even math was in the top 10% – which shocked me because I detest math) but I had to repeat several classes when I went to college because my grades were dismal in high school.

No child left behind indeed…

What about no child stuck behind!

OK . . . OK . . . I’ll get off my soapbox now and thank God that Sam can study at his own pace through an AWESOME private school program! Oh the things he will do… I can see it now! His future is going to be so AMAZING!

And now that I know what’s going on in that big brain of his. . . . well, the stories may still drive me nuts occasionally but at least I understand WHY now.

Signed the mother of a frighteningly gifted youngster.

Pray for me… please… I REALLY need it. LOL!


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©JCMorrows 2015

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