Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the ladies of the court | Character Bios – A Reluctant Assassin

As a prince, Dvarius dreams of finding love – like his parents did. However, his father’s unexpected death has cut short his time. His mother mourns deeply and the palace advisors push Prince Dvarius to choose a bride from one of the more influential families of their country.

There are even a couple of Princesses from other nations (younger daughters) who hope to form a more permanent alliance with Auralius.

Below are a handful of the ladies (only some of whom we meet in the first book).

And so, without further adieu…

Introducing… Lady Celestia

Lady Celestia is from a very well-known family who makes their home in Orum – the capitol city of Auralius.

She has even, on several different occasions, visited the palace. Prince Dvarius knows her and her family from those visits.

Her parents have been staunch supporters of the Fortine family so she would be a welcome addition to the royal family.

Age – 19

Hair – blonde

Eyes – hazel

Height – 5’2″

Personal Details – Soft spoken, well mannered, Talented artist, No faith to speak of.

Introducing… Lady Padua


Lady Padua resides in the capitol city of Orum because her father is the Korean ambassador.

She spent much of her childhood traveling and speaks seven languages.

She never considered becoming a princess but as her father is well-known to the palace advisors; who would like to strengthen relations between Korea and Auralius, her parents were approached about presenting her as an option. 

Age – 20

Hair – dark brown

Eyes – brown

Height – 4’10”

Personal Details – Soft spoken, well educated, speaks seven languages, Very strong faith… just not the same as Dvarius.

Introducing… Lady Catarine


Lady Catarine is not exactly the royal advisors’ first choice for Queen but she is from a very well-known family in the neighboring country of Cadaria.

Her family is not royalty but she legitimately holds the title “Lady”. 

Catarine is an only child and the decision to allow her the opportunity to become Auralius’ princess was not an easy one for her… or her parents.

Age – 18

Hair – blonde

Eyes – brown

Height – 5’7″

Personal Details – Soft spoken, genius level intelligence, Avid reader, Strong faith.

Introducing… Lady Darotea

Lady Darotea is one of the few remaining actresses who enjoys a great deal of fame. She is a stage actress because television is a thing of the past.

She resides in the capitol city of Orum but she travels constantly with her troupe. 

Her troupe has performed for the royal family many times – not just the Fortines but also the ruling family of Japan and France.

They also spend about half of each year in Cadaria, performing for the people – at the expense of the French royal family.

Age – 21

Hair – brown

Eyes – green

Height – 5’6″

Personal Details – Well dressed, rich in her own right, speaks four languages, highly trained actress, dancer and singer, No faith.

Introducing… Princess Yasmir

beauty-1822523_1280 copy
Since Japan and Korea are the main Pacific powers now, the royal advisors are desperate to strengthen relations with our Asian neighbors.

Princess Yasmir is very much the classy and dutiful daughter, quiet but regal.

She is the youngest of five siblings.

Age – 16

Hair – black

Eyes – brown

Height – 4’11”

Personal Details – Soft spoken, quiet, timid, blushes easily, strong catholic – as is the rest of her family.

Introducing… Lady Morena


Lady Morena and her family reside in the People’s Republic of Siberia.

Her family has long admired the Fortine family and they work closely with the government of Siberia.

If prince Dvarius chooses her, the leaders of the People’s Republic of Siberia have agreed to begin negotiating an agreement to become allies.

She is an only child.

Age – 18

Hair – brunette

Eyes – green

Height – 5’7″

Personal Details – She is a bit rambunctious, electing to spend a great deal of her time in one of the trees in the palace gardens, spirited dancer.

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