NEVER forget…

I have a confession to make.

I almost forgot to write my annual post for 9-11…

I did not forget about the day, and I will NEVER forget the events of that day. But time… got away from me and I realized last night when I was scrolling through my newsfeed, that today was the day.

And so I went to write my post, I found a great image, and I put down the same old… same old…

Then I stopped to think about it.

Recently, I discovered that a new tower has been built in the place of tower 1 and I had some thoughts I would like to share.

I’m glad they kept the name and the address. It simply wouldn’t be the same if they changed it.

I’m REALLY glad they finally got around to building the tower they’ve been talking about since the site was cleared… maybe even before. Leaving it empty tells the bad guys that they won, they beat us, they scared us, they… scarred… us – and the truth is that we are too resilient as a nation to let something like that take us down. SO I’m glad we can stand tall and proud and say “You don’t scare me buddy!”

I’m really glad the site still has a wonderful memorial. No one who was born into a world without the twin towers (even if they never lived in New York city) can fully understand what that day meant to those of us who were watching. My children (12 and 9) are sad when they watch the documentaries or see a memorial photo, but they don’t feel that wrench in their chest when they see the towers in an old movie or TV show. They don’t remember what it was like to stand in a Target electronics department and feel as if the whole world was crashing in on them… to worry about friends and loved ones who were flying out of New York that day or who were visiting and might possibly have been in the towers on that day. They… just… can’t.

And I am really glad that the designers are working very hard to keep the spirit of the site. The towers that have already been built are certainly updated and beautiful but they are clearly a tribute to the towers that we all miss so much.

Do you have your own story you would like to share about that day so many years ago? Do you have comments about the new towers going up? Post below…

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