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After E.L.E. - Can life go on?

You’ve seen the movies “2012”, “Deep Impact”, “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (the new one)… right?

Have you ever wondered what happened AFTER the credits rolled – after the arks reached land . . . after the water receded . . . after the lights went out . . .

Life After E.L.E. focuses on that reality.

We saw the rogue moon heading for Earth. We knew there was nothing we could do. We made plans to save as many people as possible.
The moon base project was stepped up. Massive cave systems were built to house carefully selected personnel – and those few selected from the general population.

When it was certain the rogue moon – one that had been knocked off course in another galaxy somewhere – would impact the Earth, and not simply pass by like so many hoped, people were evacuated to one of the cave systems or our moon base.

Humanity survived.

But what happens next?

Would survival resemble anything we might recognize?

People are still people . . . right?

They still love . . . fear . . . envy . . . They still have secrets.

How do the emotions, secrets and strict rules of a post-apocalypse society play into the lives of one teenage girl and her family?

You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Life After E.L.E. – part one of the Frozen World series releases November 29th!

Please join me on RELEASE DAY – at 6 EST/ 5 CST/ 4 MST/ 3 PST – on Facebook as I kick off that launch with an on-line party! HERE

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Until then,
~ JC

More about Life After E.L.E.:

Extinction Level Event: An event where all species on the planet can become extinct.
Rule#1: Be inside the gates before sunset.
Eve was born inside the caves. She was taught that rule – and many others – before she could walk. It should be the easiest thing in the world for her to remember.
But life is not always simple.
Life does not always go as planned.
When a rogue moon was discovered on a collision course with the Earth, we thought we had a solid plan.
We were wrong. And we were lied to.
Now Eve is in a race against time, discovery and danger around every corner – to find a truth that has been hidden for more than ten years.
A truth her father died to protect her from.

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After E.L.E. – Can life go on?



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