Today is a bittersweet day…

Today marks the beginning of the end of my very first series.


Drumroll please . . .


Just in case you don’t want to leave this fabulous page or you can’t click embedded links or there is an assassin who has tied you to a chair and you can only click so much and you’re dying (not literally, I hope) to see the picture I’ve been dangling over your heads for months now . . .

HERE it is!


The cover you’ve all been waiting for . . .

The BOOK PAGE has been updated too!

A Broken Kingdom

Book 5 — Order of The MoonStone


If you want to know more, you really will have to leave this page. Sorry… them’s the breaks. Click HERE to visit the book page!

And while you’re at it… add the book to your GoodReads! (we’ll reveal the cover there in a day or two)



Let the screaming commence!

I know it has here!


That’s all for today.

THANKS for stopping by!

Now go get reading!

OOTM Signature 2

©JCMorrows 2017

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