Another review of Life After E.L.E. by [Book Reviews from an Avid Reader]

Another excellent review from the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour:

Book Reviews From An Avid Reader

My review:

I really liked this teen novel. Eve is part of a community living in huge caves after a catastrophic event 45 years ago changed the climate. She has not been chosen for her training and future work as others her age have been. She feels she has not found her place and does not fit in. I think every teen can identify at some time with her feelings.
There is some mystery in the novel. People go outside the doors of the caves to hunt and other activities and once Eve’s father did not make it back in time to get in before the gates closed. Eve wonders why that happened. Is he dead? Some of the teens in Eve’s hunting group are savagely attacked? Who is doing that and why?
I think teens would like this novel. There are issues teens face, secrets leaders are keeping, some romance, and some adventure. The writing is well done and the characters are well crafted…
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