Katniss or Tris | Kentucky Writer’s Conference workshop topic #1


Tris… or Katniss?

– Which is your favorite and why?

– What did you like least/most about each one?

– What qualities would you have preferred to see in either /both?


Feel free to answer in the comments below, but I hope you will also answer in the discussion thread over in the event page as well. HERE.

Your answers could be used in the upcoming workshop!

#HungerGames #Divergent #Poll #FemaleHeroines #Character


The above topic is part of my upcoming workshop at the Kentucky Writer’s Conference in April.

I hope you’ll join us at this FREE event.



Leading up to the event, I plan to post in the page about different topics of conversation–and I just might use some replies to those conversations in the actual workshop.

I hope you will check out the posts and join in the discussion as I continue to prep for the workshop in April.


©JCMorrows 2018


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