When you ask why…


Like many people in this business, I cannot help looking around me and wondering Why?…


Why did that author (who has way less followers than I do) get a big contract with their first attempt?


Why does that author (who hangs out online with the same people I do) get invited to participate in a collaboration that no one even mentioned to me?


Why does this author (who has less books published and charges more for them) constantly show stacks of books that are being prepared for yet another batch of orders?


Why do publishers insist on hiring ghost writers (to write books for authors who either don’t have time to keep up with the demand or don’t really have an interest in writing anymore) instead of taking a chance on someone new?


Why (when I play by the rules)

Why (when I DON’T buy my way to the top of a bestsellers list)

Why (when I’m honest in my business practices)… do I constantly feel as if I’m somehow being punished for doing the “right” thing?


I’ve never been one to kowtow or kiss up or name drop. Does that have anything to do with it? I’m certain it does. However, I think there’s a reason with farther reaching consequences than the simple “it’s all about who you know” explanation.


The truth is: doing the right thing is rarely rewarded in this world. And struggles are something the devil just loves to pile on… especially when someone is writing what God has put on their heart.

And since that is what I have always done… what I will always do… it makes sense that I would be on the enemy’s hit list. And he definitely attacks… constantly and in a myriad of ways.

He won’t stop me though. And I have FAITH that God will always get my stories to who really needs them… one way or another.


© JCMorrows 2018

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