Be careful what words you use… NO REALLY!




OK… see THIS is one of the problems with our society!

I have lived 35 (almost 36 at this point) years and I NEVER, until today, knew what the word “ravish” actually meant!


And we’re using this word to describe something that’s suppose to be romantic!


I have written half a page… HALF A PAGE… and I stopped because it’s like a bucket of ICE water has just been dumped over my head – and all because I went searching for a synonym.

It’s definitely going to take some time for me to get back into a romantic spirit.

My big question is this:

How did we ever let ANYONE convince us that this word was “sexy”!

Of course that is the problem. Words are forever being mis-used in our culture and my guess would be that this one snuck into one book and then two and it might have been a little risque – and for some strange reason that excites some people so it made it’s way into more and more and more until it essentially became synonymous with sensual behavior.

HOWEVER – the definition of the word is NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST sensual! It’s the furthest thing from sensual actually.


And this is where the bucket of ice comes in – me… typing… thinking the word ravish might actually be a bit strong for inspirational fiction… goes looking for a synonym…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! REALLY! THAT’S what that word means!”



You remember that episode of friends where Joey walks into the room to hear the tail end of the conversation and goes “what” and they all explain that Monica is dating the son of the guy she used to date… and Joey says “EWWWW! EW! EW! EW!”

Yeah – that’s me right now! Just thought I’d share!


Lesson to be learned from this rambling nonsense: Be careful what words you put in your writing! Be SURE you know what they REALLY mean!


And now I have to go look at pictures of cute bunnies or puppies or kittens until I get the nasty taste out of my mouth – the one that THAT word put there! YUCKO!


That is all.


© JCMorrows 2015

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