I’ve got my groove back!


I was doing really well!

(You’ll get it in a minute…)

I was writing 2,000+ words every day… every single day!

… and then I got to part 4 – which gave me nothing but trouble.

Every day, it was like pulling teeth just to get 500 words. There were even several days when I added no more than 50 words to the blasted MS.

And then I sat down one morning and typed out 1,000 words, fingers flying furiously across the keyboard. I t was a great DAY!

… until the fever hit and the nausea began.

After that, it seemed pointless to continue because I knew I would only have to delete every single word my fever-hazed brain came up with.

And so for 36 hours, I typed not a single word on my precious MS.

Until last night – when I finally felt the fever break!

Again, I went to typing and before I knew it, I had another 1,000 words added to the story.


So now I have to hope that I am finally back in the groove (and hope that groove continues as it is going now and not as it had begun) 

So, back to work I go…

~ JC

©JCMorrows 2015

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