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Another excellent review from the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour:

Through the Open

Life After E.L.E. REVIEW

HOLY COW! This book . . .  OH. MY! I LOVED IT! I can’t believe I have to wait until next year for the next in the series! That is cruel and unusual punishment!

So, we have a post apocalyptic world where everything is essentially frozen after a rogue moon crashes into the Earth. The author’s use of imagery is really great, or maybe it was just cold in my house, but I found myself shivering at times! The characters are very believable, especially under the circumstances. Eve is a teenage girl, but given the nature of their lives, she’s been forced to grow up much faster than most. She has a brother, and also lives with her mom, grandmother, and grandfather. There are gates that protect the cave complex they live in, and those gates are shut at dusk no matter who hasn’t returned. Sadly, her father was just seconds away from the gates when they shut, leaving him out in the harsh elements, and no safety. Those living in the complex are warned, from the time they can walk, that they MUST be inside the complex before the gates shut, or else they will die in the freezing cold temperatures. This event weighs heavily on Eve since she witness her father’s failed attempt to make it back in time.

Even needs to find her place in the world, but sadly, she hasn’t yet. And she’s nearing an age where she HAS to find her place because everyone there must do their part. It’s unspoken, but we are led to believe that Eve’s lie is at risk if she doesn’t find a job to do. As a result she signs up to be a hunter. The author uses a lot of “between the lines” moments to keep the book interesting, and to keep from giving away too many details.

You aren’t “married” in the compound. You get “bound.” Things are much more strict there, than they are in our reality now. So when 17yr old Eve develops a relationship with an older Jude (we are never told how much older, just that he is old enough to be bound, and she would still be considered underage for him) things get really tense…

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