Another review of Life After E.L.E. by [A Reader’s Brain]

Another excellent review from the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour:

A Reader’s Brain

My Review

Dark, daring, heart pounding, and emotional moments intertwined. Life after E.L.E introduces us to a Hunger Games like setting. At least that’s what first came to my mind. Eve is trying to survive in a constrained environment shrouded in mystery and fear. She knows she has to fit in somewhere for survival- but at what cost? The chancellor rules with an iron fist, but for what reason? You will find yourself fearful for our characters, as well as sad but hopeful at moments. Though the premise of this book is dark, it draws you in bit by bit to uncover truths and push forward for a hopeful future, and not just mere survival. The setting was very clear in my mind, and the plot kept me turning the page. The characters came to life amidst their interaction together, and the emotions they conveyed really gripped me. Eve’s loss of her father is a pivotal point in this book and perpetuates the mystery that he died to uncover. How will Eve follow in the footsteps of her father to not only survive, but uncover a life-threatening mystery…
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