Another review of Life After E.L.E. by [A Baker’s Perspective]

Another excellent review from the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour:

A Baker’s Perspective

My Perspective

The author had my attention from the very beginning. What kind of world were these people living in? I had to find out more….. I love when a story can hook you in from the start, as long as you keep wanting to turn the pages. Didn’t have a problem here with that! No bait and switch in this story, it has me from beginning to end.

I enjoyed Eve as the heroine. She was strong and willing to work hard to help her family, yet had this soft and vulnerable side that you see glimpses of now and then. I don’t like heroines who are wimpy, and do not like the ones that are just tough as nails with no soft spots. I thought Eve was the perfect balance for me. The way the author penned her thoughts and emotions made her realistic and believable. I thought she had good development in her search for answers about her fathers death.

The only critique I have was the cliffhanger ending! It’s almost like those season finales you see on TV that leave your jaw hanging open and waiting for time to pass so you can see the next season begin. However, it makes my super excited for the next installment to come out so I can see what is next for Eve and the things she has discovered!

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